A Hack and Slash RPG from the pioneers behind Blade and Soul



Prana is the source of all power in the world and flows through all living forms. Prana or “life force” is responsible for everything from sunrise to sunset and even the passage of time comes from Prana. The world changed once Prana was discovered.

Powerful mutants evolved by learning to draw power directly from the power of Prana. These all powerful mutants began conquering all other species and threw the world into chaos. Turmoil continued until holy beasts eventually emerged and began to restore peace to the world by defeating the mutants. 

The legend of the ability to tap into Prana has been around ever since Prana's discovery, but no current life forms know how to tap into this life force.  Our story begins with our lead Sa(師)  Vanguards on a quest to learn the secrets of Prana and to bring this powerful new force back to civilization.


Department store Style Fantasy Univers

A girl from a mysterious guardian tribe, a fallen soldier searching for honor in a foreign country, and a exotic martial artist are a few examples of the various backgrounds we plan to add to our game. We strive to have the biggest universe that can encompass all these backgrounds and expand to other projects and titles. Like tabletop RPGs for example. 


Exciting action and stunning visuals

 Prana dishes out complex brutal attacks in streamlined actions. Each character has an unique emote that stands out in the battlefield. .


Sa(師) ?

 A Sa is a guild of heroes who band together to protect Prana. Sa came about as a result of humanity first encountering prana as a power source. Societies realized that prana was a worldwide phenomenon and that a universal class system was need to efficiently manage prana. They are comprised of volunteers ranging from experience. Each Sa has their own specialty. There are Sa that focus on martial arts, ranged weaponry, and support just to name a few. Every individual in each Sa has their own reason for joining; some for honor, revenge, money, and some just for the fun of it. No matter what Sa a hero chooses, a unique and herculean journey awaits them. 



The Sa guild is one of the loose confederations binding the different Sa groups together. They meet occasionally to share information and combat strategies. Often it is the Vanguards, the most experienced veterans,  of each Sa that lead the discussions. Other guilds exist but in a non-combat or minor roles. The Hwa(火) guild consists of blacksmiths who specialize in weapons and armor. The Suu(水)  guild focuses on logistics and trade, facilitating trade across both water and land. The Mi(美) guild used to focus on mining operations but in recent time has found a new calling in rare materials that come from prana. The Inn(人) guild specializes in food production, providing the Sa guild with KP, "Kitchen Patrol" duty consisting of expert cooks but nobody knows where the origin of their symbol comes from. 





After time passes, gamers have grown into a different age. Gaming Technology has many possibilities even more so than in previous generation. Unfortunately, there is less variety in the types of games out there and there is fierce competition within existing generes. Gamers today have inherited a rich history but have lost touch in what made those games fun. Pay-to-Win is an all too common occurrence. We are seasoned developers and classic gamers at heart. We made games when CRT monitors were the norm and cell phones only used black and white pixels. We plan to introduce today’s gamers to games with a classic feel. We want to pass down the legacy of what made gaming so great back then and continue the tradition into the next generation. We plan to watch the next generation grow with those values. 

-Peter Park-


We always open possibility to multi platform many as we can

Coming to PC,Mobile even we are planing for console too!

 AAA games usually have a lot of investors and complex decisions.This can cause a game to have an rigid direction. We may be veteran game developers, but we’re newcomers to business. That’s why we’re targeting platforms popular with Indie games. We want the game to be as close to the developer can gamer’s vision as much as possible. Plus we can add more of our fun and maniacal ideas! (Behold!)